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What We Are

Soar Wealth Manager Alliance is a national network of wealth management firms committed to applying best practices to serve their clients in a fiduciary capacity. The firms are independent and entrepreneurial, yet share a common bond in their quest to provide personal wealth management advice to clients on a Fee-Only basis. ​

All members provide objective, long-term personal wealth management solutions – integrating both investment management and financial planning into their client service offerings. The members are all Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) practitioners and most have additional designations. They have an average of over 25 years experience in the financial services field and collectively manage over $1 billion in client assets. ​

Soar Wealth Manager Alliance functions primarily as a business resource and professional support network for these firms. Soar Wealth Manager Alliance also provides a venue for members to gain advanced professional education, exchange business ideas, and explore new financial solutions. This close affiliation also encourages professional accountability as members challenge one another.

Today, many financial services providers offer fee-based services, but Soar Wealth Manager Alliance member firms seek a higher standard. As advocates of integrative personal wealth management, Soar Wealth Manager Alliance members passionately believe in using wealth as a means of accomplishing higher life goals.

Soar Wealth Manager Alliance members meet regularly to receive continuing education and to explore issues affecting the industry, their professions, and clients. These forums provide an opportunity for some of the brightest practitioners in the business to gain technical insight and encourage one another—and this interaction leads to continual professional improvement. Many advisors return home from these meetings renewed and energized, ready to apply shared new ideas to improve their client’s financial lives.